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I Can’t Find My Course
Follow these steps to make sure you can access your courses
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    Available courses

    Join your colleagues for an online interactive workshop on a respectful workplace at NorQuest College. We'll tun our values into behaviours, discuss how to recognize and demonstrate respect, and we'll work with scenarios, policies, and procedures to practice taking action when concerns arise.

    Check out the new Moodle with this hands-on demonstration!

    Demonstration course for the new Moodle platform.

    This is a short course to introduce you to Inclusion at NorQuest and how you can contribute to creating a positive climate for inclusion. At NorQuest we have developed a concept called Inclusive Engagement which is measured using the Inclusive Engagement Scale. In this online course, you will learn about how we define, support and measure inclusive engagement competence at NorQuest and what you can do to develop your competencies in this area.

    The Inclusive Culture workshop series is a hybrid course made up of 5 hours of online learning (Moodle) coupled with 10 hours face to face. It is an introduction to intercultural communication, the heart of the Inclusive Engagement PD framework. In this 15-hour introductory hybrid course, participants will develop intercultural knowledge, skills, and awareness as a means of developing intercultural competence. In this course, you will learn a practical approach to effective communication in intercultural spaces (BETWEEN cultures) and examine how this extends to working in spaces of difference WITHIN cultures to promote a positive climate for inclusion in the college in our various roles.

    This course is equivalent to the first course of the Intercultural Practitioner Certificate.